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Antwerp is often overlooked by visitors, but is Belgium's second largest city, which mixes with the country's other major cities such as Brussels, Ghent and Brussels. While you might learn some interesting facts about the country's history (think of the influential Antwerp Six), Belgium's second largest cities have plenty of more pleasant surprises in store.

Although it may not be as historically preserved as Bruges or Ghent, it is a very dynamic city offering a wide range of cultural activities as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. Although Antwerp may not be as historic as the other major cities in the country, it is still a very dynamic city with a large number of museums, galleries, restaurants, bars and cafes. Although it is not as historically preserved as Bruges and Ghent, it offers a diverse range of culture, art and entertainment and even a few museums and galleries.

Antwerp is also known as a global diamond trading centre and more than 70% of all diamonds are traded in Antwerp. Numerous airlines fly non-stop from the Belgian capital to the US Gate in Brussels. Passengers arriving from the UK on the Eurostar can transfer to regular SNCB trains from Brussels to Ant Belgium, provided that you choose Ant Werp as your final destination at the time of booking.

The F14 cycle expressway runs along the old Antwerp - Amsterdam railway line, but forgets Ant Werp completely when it leads to Antwelp. From Knokke, continue on the F4 to Ghent, followed by the F6 to Leuven, the F7 to Deinze and the F8 to Brussels and then on to the city centre, through the historic city of Gouda as described above, before taking a short cut at Diksmuide and Deenze and continuing on the F5 to Bruges and then on the F9 to Amsterdam.

If you visit Antwerp for just one day, you can see most of the best places, but it is relatively easy to forget other places in Flanders and Wallonia.

The Church of St. Carolus Borromeus is one of the places to visit in Antwerp, and it is known for its beautiful architecture and unique history. If you have more time and are looking for more to do in Antwerp, check out this article to get inspired on the - well-trodden - Antwerp bike trail, or if you are here for the first time, we close with a list of places you should definitely visit. Either way, this list is only a small extract of what Ant Werp has to offer, but it will be a good start, especially for those looking for something must-have - see places in and around Antwerp.

The new Chocolate Museum brings history to life and is already one of the best opportunities in Antwerp, and it is a great place to learn about the history of chocolate and its influence on the history of the city. In Antwerp, do not miss the Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedrael, known in Dutch as the Chocolate Museum, or the Chocolate Museum of the Chocolatiers. A visit to Ant Werp cannot be complete without a visit to the Grote Markt, where you will discover the world's most famous chocolate shop, the Chocolate Factory, with its amazing selection of chocolates, chocolate bars and chocolate sculptures.

Located in the heart of the Hoveniersstraat in Antwerp, the import and export of diamonds was directed to Ant Werp. Founded in 1843, it is one of the oldest and most famous zoos in Europe and the oldest in the world. Each brand of antwerP Brewery offers an exciting tour that highlights the history of its brand and its commitment to uncompromising quality and excellence.

A little further down the street is the main hall of the Antwerp Exhibition Centre, where large trade fairs and conferences are held regularly. The former Belgian territory is now part of the State of Belgium, part of the Netherlands and the former province of Flanders.

It may seem strange to put a café on the list of "the best things to do in Antwerp," but it is one of the best things to visit in Antwerp.

Belgium is relatively easy to reach, as it has one of the densest railway networks in the world. Antwerp is a small city that can be forgotten relatively quickly and easily, but Brussels Airport connects the city worldwide. Brussels Airlines is the largest airline in Europe, with more than 1,000 flights per day and home to some of Belgium's most popular airlines, such as Air Belgium, Air France and Lufthansa.

Reaching Antwerp is not as easy as it seems and can seem very chaotic to foreigners, but it is not. Driving inAntwerp is not as easy as in Itaen, the second largest city in Belgium, or even Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

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More About Antwerp