Antwerp Beligium Hilton Hotel

The historic Petaluma silk factory, built in 1892, is home to the Hilton Antwerp Old Town Hotel, the first of its kind in Europe. The hotel is surrounded by shopping and dining options as well as local attractions such as the Diamond Quarter and the Cathedral of the Lady. During the summer months, the hotel also offers a variety of outdoor dining options, including a pool, pool bar and outdoor terrace, as well as an indoor pool and tennis court. Housed in a historic building on the site of an old textile factory (the original building was built by the historic silk factory Petalsumas), this 210-bedroom hotel features an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, bar and hairdresser's shop, art gallery and café.

Hilton Antwerp serves Belgian specialities at the Terrace Cafe and also offers a variety of outdoor restaurants, including a pool, pool bar and outdoor tennis court. In the summer months, guests can refresh themselves after a long day in the swimming pool or tennis, enjoying delicious drinks and food on the outdoor terrace of the hotel, as well as in the outdoor pool and tennis courts.

The restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Antwerp and offers seasonal dishes of the best local cuisine. The fish bar offers lobster dishes and the seasonal menus offer a wide selection of seafood from different countries and cultures.

The Hampton Hilton is a leader in its segment and continues to lead the guest experience, offering a wide range of amenities and amenities, as well as quality food and beverages. This contributes to high customer satisfaction and high satisfaction with the hotel experience.

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