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Businesses in Belgium are run in the country's two official languages, Dutch and French, but Antwerp is a fascinating mix of tradition and the future. Antwerp is dominated by the French and is named after its capital, Antwelp, which is one of the world's great cosmopolitan cities. It is also slightly different from Brussels, as it represents the whole of Flanders, which speaks French and maintains a number of traditions of its own.

If you are looking for translations in German or English, you will find real estate agents and notaries who speak both languages fluently. If you are looking for a translation in English or German, you would be surprised if you found it in Antwerp. But if you are looking for a translation from English and German, you would also be surprised if both are fluent in the city.

Belgian estate agent, but if you want a little more help right away, you can get help from an estate agent if you want to live there. They can help you find a suitable property to buy and they can also provide extensive services such as providing property viewings, helping you understand the ins and outs of the contract and sometimes even acting as a translator. Belgian real estate agent in Antwerp, this requires extensive service and can help you find the right agent for you and the right property in the city you are buying.

If you take out a mortgage in Belgium, you will have to pay the administrative costs as well as the interest. Before you move to Belgium, you can make an appointment with the owner of the house or apartment to check your accommodation shortly after your arrival. Also check the journey times and if you are based at home in Brussels, the time you have to commute.

You have strong rights as a tenant in Belgium, so don't be afraid to address and solve problems. The Belgian notary can provide you with the necessary legal representation, but you can also call in a lawyer from Belgium. If you are thinking of moving to Belgium to work or study, please read our guide to renting in Belgium. Contact a Belgian estate agent who can help you find the house of your dreams in Brussels.

How you view a property in Belgium depends on the method you have chosen to find it, but under certain conditions the property must of course be returned to you. Before you decide on your new home in Belgium, you should make sure what the properties will look like when you move in.

You can read more about this in our guide to setting up utilities in Belgium and in this article. We explain the real estate of Belgium, including the purchase of a Belgian home as a foreigner, whether you are a resident of the country or a visitor from the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Most properties in Belgium are sold at 3-5% of the calculated property price, but this is to be reduced to 7% by 2020. If you want to sell your property to an international buyer and move in 2 years, you should come across this property list. For families in Flanders there is no need to radically renovate your properties.

An existing person working in Belgium normally earns 6,150 euros a month, and a new house can be classified as a house price index. Few people are able to buy a home outright, so you need access to credit, such as a mortgage.

If you are planning a longer stay of more than five years, you can find security in your savings to buy a Belgian property.

Property sales in Belgium tend to be cheaper than in the surrounding countries, so home buyers should be aware of this before buying a Belgian property. There are no restrictions to prevent foreigners from buying property in Belgium if they are not resident in Belgium, although the tax implications vary. However, there are some restrictions that prevent them from buying or taking out a mortgage. If you are not resident in Belgium and want to invest or buy property in Antwerp, there is no obstacle for foreigners to buy property as long as the foreigner is not resident in Antwerp. As a result, foreigners can legally buy real estate without having to stick with non-residents.

If you need or want help finding a flat, you should know who you are to find out about the agencies responsible for housing and renting in Belgium.

The Le Lorrain social housing project is actually a converted old iron trading plant in the Belgian capital Brussels. The residence is located on a 136 hectare plot with 3 ponds (more here), designed by the Belgian agency MDW Architecture. This Belgian property is located near the historic center of the old town of Antwerp and the 65 sqm apartment is divided into two levels. An estate agency that sells some of Antwerp's largest and oldest houses, among a number of other high-quality properties in the city.

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More About Antwerp