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The crew of Made in Antwerp has ensured that the best in the region are at the top of the menu. If you visit a particular part of the world, try a few dishes, and we've compiled a list of our favorites from the city.

If you are looking for a place to eat a unique business lunch or dinner or want to take a friend to eat, Made in Antwerp offers a modern take-away menu with authentic dishes. Jane's Restaurant Antwelp, Belgium, is our favourite restaurant and was designed to give a historic piece of architecture in an old church a modern and luxurious interior. This elegant restaurant was completely renovated by Belgians in 2013 and maintains a high standard. The café - cum - restaurant has apparently existed in some form since the 1750s and is embedded in the old Ant Werp and one of the oldest in Belgium.

The cobbled De Wilde Zee is the pantry of the city and Flemish Flanders itself also boasts a thriving gastronomy scene. A must-try in Antwerp, Belgium, one of the most popular destinations in the world for its vibrant and vibrant culture.

If you want to come up with something, my favourite waffles come from Belgium (or rather from Liege), from Dandoy's Tearoom. If you want to try Brussels, you have to go to Antwerp, Belgium's second largest city, home to many of the best restaurants in the world.

This restaurant is located on the historic Grote Markt in Antwerp and offers its specialty Cajun - spiced mackerel. The sausage and mashed potatoes are a classic Belgian combination, which is served today mainly in this restaurant, which is known for its Belgian cuisine. Granted, this is nothing special, but I'm a big fan of the hand-peeled Belgian fries and the sausages.

Gulde Schoen Suite Hotel is located in the heart of Antwerp. It offers a garden terrace and free Wi-Fi. This charming and cosy café is located on Grote Markt, just a few blocks from the historic city centre.

I fell head over heels in love with Ghent last summer and could not even leave Brussels without food, even though I am only a few hours from the city centre. Nuns, this restaurant in Liège is an easy Walloon choice if you arrive by train.

Travellers from Antwerp can also use Brussels Airport, which is the closest international airport, 40 kilometres away, or fly directly to Ghent or Liege.

If you are in Brussels and still want to try a range of different Belgian dishes in the short time you have, consider a culinary tour. If you are travelling vegan, this guide will include several vegan options, but most of the restaurants and shops described below also have normal options for gourmets. For more inspiration on where to eat out on the go, check out the top 100 restaurants in the world, where you can find more information about the best vegan restaurants in Europe. Antwerp's more famous halal restaurants, including the famous Al-Khatib and Walk the Line, and more traditional restaurants such as the beer garden, the Rijksmuseum or the Royal Palace.

If you prefer to try croquettes while sitting, this restaurant is the perfect place for a quick and simple meal with a good view of Antwerp city centre.

If you're looking for a nice place to eat lunch in Ghent, the Pain Compagnie is the place to be. If you want more background information while enjoying Belgian food in Brussels, consider one of the following food tours. This 2-hour tour takes you with a guide through the best chocolate shops in Brussels and tells you all about the history of brown and gold in Belgium. Come and taste our chocolates, truffles and more and learn about the history of Belgian chocolate.

Antwerp is also known as the diamond city - more than 70% of the world's diamonds are believed to be traded in Antwer p, and the city, known as the centre of the diamond trade (and more generally as the centre of the diamond trade), is also one of Belgium's leading art and design centres, with some of the best art galleries in Europe. They are living proof that the art world is thriving in and around Antwerp, especially in the Zuid district. Here you will find striking prints by the designers of Antwelp Six, who put this city on the map in the 1980s.

Antwerp's fantastic restaurants are just the icing on the cake of this beautiful city, but you'll have to pay a return visit to enjoy more. We've described some of the best restaurants in Antwelp, so when you return to Antwerp you'll see some beautiful gilded buildings and die for good old-fashioned food at one of these fantastic restaurants.

We know that you are a gourmet like us, so we have compiled an Antwerp food guide that contains information about local delicacies. So here's what you can do with it, like having your own local guide, but with a little more depth and a lot more detail.

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More About Antwerp