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The country is usually only glorified by travellers who spend a day in Brussels or Bruges or perhaps make a trip to Ghent before continuing their journey. The Belgian city of Antwerp is perhaps known as "Antwerp" in Flemish, and it is a modern cosmopolitan centre with a rich artistic and cultural heritage seeping from pores into pores. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it lacks attention to detail, especially in terms of its history and culture. Ant Belgium, "it is easy to stroll through the narrow streets of central Antwelp and see the rich history, culture and heritage of the city, as well as the vibrant art and music scene in one place.

Almost every bus runs from Antwerp to Ghent, the capital of Belgium and the second largest city in the country. Almost all buses leave from the city centre, with the exception of some popular ones such as the Bruges - Antwelp - Brussels bus. Almost all of these buses departed from a number of cities in Belgium, particularly the most famous.

Places like Bruges, Ghent, Ypres and Ypres are ideal for easy car or train trips, and places like Antwerp, Antwelp and Brussels can easily be transformed into a one-way train ride.

Antwerp also has a bike hire programme called Velo Antwerp, and if you prefer to experience the city as a local, we recommend you to get bicycles. Find out how to rent bikes in Antwelp and which people you can meet for a great day trip or a quick bike ride in Brussels.

At the end of this article you will also find a map of the best activities in Antwerp and some suggested hiking routes. If you have more time and are looking for more things for yourself Todo inAntwerp, check out our article to get inspired by the off-trail Antwelp bikes.

The F14 cycling expressway, which runs along the old Antwerp-Amsterdam railway line, will take you to Antwelp in less than an hour. Follow the Ravel cycle path to the F1 in Antwerp and then continue into the city centre on the right.

There is also a one-stop stop stop between Antwerp and Brussels, which takes just 45 minutes. You can travel by train, as Brussels has the only metro system in the country and there are two stations, one in Brussels and one in Antwelp, both in the city centre.

The historic medieval streets of Ghent are also just an hour's train ride from Antwerp, and provide a great opportunity to explore one of Belgium's most historic cities. If you're inspired by your visit to Flanders, here's our ultimate guide to Antwelp. It shows you all the things you can do in Ant Werp, which will help you plan your trip Too many. Whether you are visiting Antwerp for the first time or want to visit this great city, this list is a good start if you are looking for a must see - see places in and around Antwerp, but either way it is just a taste of what the city has to offer and what to expect when you visit and where to stay.

We hope this will inspire you to visit Antwerp and spend a bit more time here, and also help you to get the most out of your trip and explore more deeply.

If you live nearby, you should visit Antwerp regularly just for this reason, but this entry is a collection of our favourite things to do in Antwerp that you would like to visit. Here are 15 things we can do for you in Antwerp to give you a place to start when you plan your visit. One of my favourite reasons to visit antwer p is how fashion is part of Ant's history and how important it is to the city.

Thanks to its good transport links, Antwerp is an excellent hub for exploring northern Belgium, and the city to the north is proof of this. Speaking of bourgeoisie, if you are in Belgium, you should take a trip to the city's famous wine and beer bars and a number of restaurants and bars. There are even offshoots in neighboring Holland, so make an exciting day trip out of it!

Getting to other places in Flanders and Wallonia is relatively easy, and if you visit Antwerp for just one day, you can see most of the best places. Many good attractions can be found in the city itself, but also many further south in the Zuid, such as the Royal Palace, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Belgian National Gallery. Besides its famous wine and beer bars, it is also culturally very good.

The Belgian capital, Brussels, is less than an hour south of the city and many tourist attractions are close by. Due to the reserved nature of Belgium, a day trip to Antwerp is easy to manage, so don't save with an overnight stay in the city (read our review on where to stay). As a destination in Belgium, AntwwerP is a great city to spend two or three days in, but if you want to explore the best it has to offer, you can also stay in other cities in Flanders and Wallonia, such as Ghent, Leuven, Nijmegen and Liege. However, no one should stay there for more than a few days, as no one visits the Belgian capital Brussels (which is more of a city in itself, with its own culture and history), while visiting the other major cities of Belgium (Brussels and Leipzig for example) or even the small towns and villages of Zuid, where there are not many tourists.

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